Why Low Electric Rates in SC Don’t Mean Cost-Savings for Residents

The low power rates in South Carolina look good on paper, but most residents will say their bills tell the real story on the cost of electricity.

An analysis ranked the state among the places with low electric rates yet high monthly bills in the U.S. By simply referring to public utility records in SC, it seems that energy efficiency is the missing link.

Low-Cost States

Electricity rates in Massachusetts are the fourth most expensive in the U.S., but monthly bills by households are the 36th lowest in the country. In California, the scenario is quite similar with the state having the seventh least affordable rates yet residents pay the 15th lowest bills. Energy efficiency is the main reason for both states’ cheap monthly utilities.

The same can’t be said for South Carolina, where energy-efficient alternatives such as solar power are yet to be adopted by residents. It also didn’t help that customers in the state paid the most expensive rates in the country in 2017, according to a report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

EIA Report

Jonathan Cogan, the EIA spokesman, said the state had the “highest bills” nationwide in the previous year after the average bill cost $1,754. This figure was around $400 more expensive than the national average, and the cost almost doubled the average monthly bill in New Mexico.

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Energy experts believe that households in South Carolina pay more than their counterparts in other states because of their dependence on electricity, instead of using other energy sources such as natural gas or solar power.

Residents in South Carolina should consider other alternative sources of energy to reduce their reliance on state utilities. If you need further information about rates in the state, there are public organizations that are responsible for regulating public utilities.

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