Steps to Produce a Credible Witness When Involved in a Car Accident

woman on her phone after road accidentWhen a traffic accident occurs, there is only so much that you can do on your own. What is important is that you should be able to get treatment for any injuries. If you can, you need to ensure some things to make a strong claim for the mishap.

Legal expert Feldman & Lee PS states you need to take several steps before calling for an auto accident law firm in Kent in case a traffic accident does happen.

The Report

Most modern cars should be as safe as possible. However, when caught in an accident, there is nothing that the drivers and passengers can do. After a crash, the persons involved will be emotional, as well as in shock. Since they are in this state, anything they say will probably be inaccurate.

To raise the possibility of a sensible narrative reaching the authorities, make sure that someone else is narrating the events to the police. This is for the report, and it has to be as accurate as possible, making sure that the other party cannot fault your point of view.

If it is not possible to have a bystander relate to the police what happened, one of your passengers can answer police questions.

The Camera

Make sure that the dashboard camera is intact. This is a real-time record of the events leading to the accident. It is important that the camera and its contents are safe and secure. You would need to make a copy before handing one to the police.

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The contents of the camera can be the basis of any claims against the other party. You would also need to visit a doctor after the police interview. You can use any findings or diagnosis of any injury due to the accident in court or during the negotiations with the other party.

There are still a lot of cars which do not have a dashcam even these devices have proven themselves very helpful. Make sure that you have one and that you always turn it on. In most instances, the video evidence would be helpful in asserting your case against the other party.

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