Reasons Why Mediation is Better than Litigation

Mediation in PennsylvaniaCourt litigations can be painful, particularly if the opposing party happens to be your spouse. Divorce proceedings start civilly but become uglier to a point that both of you could harbor resentment towards one another.

Facing a judge in court with your former spouse on the other side of the aisle can be a painful and stressful experience. To remember all the good times you both had during the early stages of your relationships, which gradually soured until it became so irreparable, and to narrate all that in court is not a pleasant experience. If you are contemplating a divorce, or is in the process of preparing the documents needed, maybe it’s a good time to press pause and seriously consider mediation.

The Cost

One of the best reasons why spouses should favor mediation over litigation is the cost involved with divorce proceedings. Yahoo Finance revealed that litigation can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention lost work time because of required court appearances. If you and your spouse find common ground in going through the process without spending oodles of money, then you might want to seriously consider mediation.

Washing Dirty Laundry in Public

In a divorce proceeding, each party would insist that the truth is on their side and would point at each other declaring it’s the other’s fault. It can go from messy to chaotic. Obviously, this can’t be avoided as each party would want to win their case. In the meantime, those present in the courtroom would have the best seats as they watch the drama unfold. Worse, they would also have an in-depth knowledge about the private lives of the spouses, information that can be used against them at some future time.

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Hurtful Parting

In many cases, the friendly relationship of the spouses may lay in tatters after the proceedings. In one feature story in, the author discussed how unpleasant the situation can develop into, which even extends to the point where even the friendship between spouses vanishes into thin air.

Grab the Mediation Option

The Harshberger Law Firm LLC will surely agree that if you are wondering on how to proceed with mediation, you can always consult professionals who are experienced with this legal option. If you are living in Pennsylvania, maybe you could talk to family law experts to discuss what options you have. If you feel that mediation could do good to you and your spouse, especially your children, if you have any, then it might be your better alternative to a bitter court battle.

Divorce court proceedings can empty the contents of your pocket as well as leave a huge emotional scar. If there are irreconcilable differences, the solution could not always be a divorce proceeding in court, but instead, can be done peacefully and civilly with mediation.


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