Legal Issues Surrounding Surrogacy

family law conceptIf you perceive surrogacy as the ideal means of building a family, it is imperative to obtain legal counsel from a reputable family lawyer like Feldman & Lee PS. Have them review the entire case and inform you about legal issues.

For instance, you will want to have the surrogacy contract drawn up and subsequently signed at the beginning of the relationship between yourself and the surrogate. Some criteria for consideration in this regard include:

Availability of a Legal Contract

Every certified In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) requires that a surrogacy agreement is in place before initiating any medical procedure. This contract is purposed at addressing vital concerns that could arise during the pregnancy. Such include the question of who will get custody of the kid if misfortune occurs to the intended couple before the anticipated birth.

A legal contract will not only come in handy if a dispute arises, but it will also serve to prevent conflicts from occurring in the first place. Laying out the intricacies involving the entire surrogacy process well beforehand is extremely essential.

Hiring Legal Services

Legal services will always play a vital role in obtaining a court order that declares that the intended couples are the sole legal parents and that the surrogate reserves no lawful parental rights and obligations regarding the kid in question.

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Such a court order directs the department of vital records to issue birth certificates that place the intended parents’ names on the certificate. Retaining a family lawyer in Lynnwood will also come in handy when creating a contract between yourself and the surrogate, which is often referred to as the surrogacy agreement.

Prospective parents are open to various alternatives, which include natural child conception and pregnancy or the use of a surrogate mother who carries an implanted embryo to term. Owing to the apparent complexity of surrogacy, it is imperative that you engage the services of an experienced attorney. This is especially vital at the contract negotiation stage.

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