Keep Calm & Don’t Freak Out: How to Manage a Vehicular Accident

a car accidentAn unforeseen vehicle accident can make you feel terrified. This is why it’s essential to prepare yourself for post-accident measures now that you’re in a levelheaded and good mood.

Here’s a guide by Law Office of Paul R. Bennett and other experts to assist you in making the events after the accident less traumatic before you contact your auto accident attorney.

If you can, move to a safe place.

If you can physically do so and your car is still in good condition, move it to the side where you won’t cause a collision. Assuming that this isn’t likely, turn on your hazard lights to notify other drivers that your car isn’t moving anytime soon.

Turn off the engine and get out.

Ensure that you turn off your car engine and shift into park. If you drive a manual, set the handbrake. Take some time to breathe calmly and determine whether it’s safe to open your car door and get out. If you happen to have flares on you or other road safety products, don’t hesitate in using them.

Check on other people involved.

Determine if other people are involved in the accident, such as pedestrians, drivers, and passengers, and double check if anybody is injured. If someone is hurt, call 911. Even if what they feel may seem trivial, like dizziness, the medic should check them out.

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Call the police to the scene.

It doesn’t matter if the accident is minor, a police accident report can serve you well when you have to deal with your car insurance company. Fully cooperate with them, but don’t point fingers at others or admit your fault while at the scene of the accident. Allow the police to judge the events impartially to figure out who is to blame.

Make sure that you know how to handle the moments after the accident by preparing yourself in advance. In situations like these, the key is to keep calm and not freak out.

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