Is it Worth Saving an Unhappy Marriage?

Unhappy MarriageFor people who believe in forever and happy endings, unhappy marriages are worth sticking out for and fixing. Some people think that if couples can make an extra effort, it is possible for an unhappy marriage to become happy again. In fact, many use different resources or try counseling sessions to improve their relationships. Some participate in education classes while others seek advice from therapists and religious guides.

It is hard to be certain that when couples fall out of love, they can fall in love with each other again. When both husband and wife participate in counseling to improve their marriage, it is not sure their marriage will be the same way again. This is even harder to predict if only one party is interested in working out the problems in marriage.

Recovering Marriages

Movies have made people believe that unhappy marriages can recover. This can be possible in real life, as some couples stuck it out and worked through what seemed impossible. In some cases, however, divorces may be necessary. This is especially true if the relationship is not working for both the husband and wife. Divorce lawyers note that is not fair if only one party is compromising and sacrificing for the sake of saving the marriage.

Divorce is the Answer

Yes, some marriages are worth a second a try, but it is not applicable in all situations. For those who have tried everything and nothing has changed, divorce is definitely the answer. Ending a marriage may seem like a shortsighted alternative for some, but it can be a choice for health and life. Couples need to be honest with themselves and be brave enough to leave an unhappy relationship.

For the Kids’ Benefit

Staying for the sake of the kids is a bad idea, especially if both spouses don’t act like a husband and wife anymore. Bad relationships may become a model or provide a stronger motivation for kids. For those who want their children to have a positive relationship in the future, divorce may be the best choice.

While some marriages may be repaired, hopeless relationships should be ended. Real love may often be painful, but it is certainly not heavy and burdensome. Sometimes, the most loving thing to do is set someone free. Individuals in unhappy marriages should not confuse love with self-sacrifice or guilt. When leaving seems necessary, it must be the right answer.

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