How Truck Accident Laws Work to Protect You

Truck Accident Law in ProvoFiguring in an automobile accident can have serious consequences. Limbs may be broken and in some cases, lives lost. This is especially true when the vehicle involved is a commercial truck, an 18-wheeler, with all that weight pinning down on a smaller passenger vehicle. In these trucking accidents, assigning blame is easy. But will you be justly remunerated for it?

Truck Accident Laws

The aim of truck accident laws is to cover personal injuries that were sustained by the occupants of the non-commercial or passenger vehicle. As such, it is only used as a framework for the granting of redress to the aggrieved party. A truck accident lawyer in Provo like can explain to you the other laws and legal statutes that must be adhered to in order to address other issues in the accident.

Legal Culpability

Different countries will have different interpretations of how traffic accidents involving commercial vehicles need to be treated. In most jurisdictions, the offense is based on the principle of negligence. While others, depending on the seriousness of the resulting injuries or damage to property or even loss of life, it can take the form of a serious criminal offense.

In most cases, the court will have to decide whether or not to assign the blame on the company as a whole or the driver as an individual or both. It should be noted that commercial trucks have a variety of parties with vested interest. In addition to the truck owner or company and the driver, other entities who may be called to answer for the accident include the lessor, the truck’s manufacturer including the manufacturer of its parts, and the loader or the shipper of the truck’s cargo.

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Respondeat Superior

While it may be true that it was the driver who is behind the wheel when the accident took place, the legal doctrine of respondeat superior is often invoked in such cases so as to assign some of the blame to the company that hired the driver. Federal laws as well as state regulations now emphasize that companies with valid trucking permits are legally accountable for any traffic accidents that involve one of their trucks.

If you happen to be involved in a traffic accident with a commercial truck, it pays to know that there are laws you can count on to protect your rights. Additionally, there are also personal injury lawyers that can help you seek redress for whatever injuries you may have sustained.

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