Being a Stepparent: 5 Things You Must Know

Woman Kissing Kid's CheekAre you currently talking to an adoption attorney in Colorado Springs to officially become the stepparent of your spouse’s children? Being a stepparent is a whole new ballgame compared to parenting your biological kids. You’ll have to deal with the change you, your spouse, and the children will be going through once it’s official. Here are five tips to help you make this journey a little easier.

1. Keep Your Self-Esteem Strong

There will be times when the children may ignore you, disregard what you tell them, or even pretend that you don’t exist. Don’t let this get to you, especially if the kids are teenagers. Just continue to show you respect their space and that you love and care for them and their parent no matter what.

2. Parent Instincts Don’t Always Work

With your biological kids, it’s normal to know when they’re sad or need help even if they don’t tell you. With stepchildren, you can’t assume you know what they’re feeling. You need to invest a lot of time interacting with them before you can say you know them as if they were your own.

3. Be Prepared for Run-Ins with the Ex

Even though your spouse has full custody of the children, you’ll never know when their ex could step in to say hi. Don’t expect that you’ll never have to deal with their ex. Be civil and respectful when you do. There’s no need for hassles with them at this point.

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4. Stepchildren Need You to Be a Friend More Than a Parent

For most children, no one may compare to a biological parent, especially if they’ve spent most of their time with them. Don’t try so hard to be a parent to them. Instead, be that older friend they can trust with advice on how to mature with grace.

5. Build Trust by Spending Quality Time Together

Keeping their secrets from their own parent is not a good way to build trust. It just teaches them to lie more. You can spend some alone time with them instead. Try to get to know who they really are, one adventure at a time.

Being a stepparent needs a lot of preparation, emotionally and mentally. Make sure to think things over on your own and talk things through with your spouse before starting the process. Follow these tips and your blended family will be as close as peas and carrots.

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