3 Things Your Employment Malpractice Attorney Wished You Knew

Lawyer speaking with clientsAs an employee, you need to be protected from employment malpractice, from signing misleading contracts to unfair termination and everything in between. Also, as employment lawyers like Marc J. Bern & Partners will tell you, employment laws keep you away from trouble with the authorities which means you spend less or nothing on dispute cases.

Read about what employment law has to offer to you below.

1. Discriminatory termination is illegal

There are instances where it is legal for your employer to lay you off without disclosing the bases of termination. According to Forbes, there is nothing that can be legally done when an employee is laid off due to low or lack of business in the company.

On the other hand, being terminated because of one’s race, religion, gender, social class, and disability are illegal in many states. Also, reporting your employer to the police or asking for delayed or unpaid salary shouldn’t render anyone jobless.

2. You are entitled to paternity/maternity leave

Expectant mothers are entitled to a paid leave two to three months into the pregnancy period. Moreover, a male employee whose partner is pregnant requires paternal leave, especially when the spouse reaches the critical months of her pregnancy.

3. Employees are entitled to a paid holiday

As an employee, you need time off work. As long as the law provides such a clause, you must get time to relax and break the workplace monotony for some time. Going on a holiday vacation or in the countryside to spend some time to bond with the family will be good for your psychological health.

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Employment law covers both parties in conflict: the employer and the employee. The former is required to adhere to their obligations while the later is supposed to deliver if they all have to keep the long arm of the law at bay.

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