3 Shades of Divorce, as Told by Ross Geller

Failed RelationshipsFriends’ Ross Geller is no stranger to divorce. When it comes to separation, this dinosaur lover is your guy.

As the leader of the so-called ‘divorce force’, Ross’ failed relationships are one of the running jokes in the series. It reached a point where Phoebe mentioned that divorcing women might be Ross’ ‘thing’, to which he angrily defends himself.

Ross is the king of failed marriages (and you might be, too). Were the reasons behind these separations good enough?

Carol: The Straight-Lesbian Marriage

“First marriage, wife’s hidden sexuality, not my fault.”

The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick say that dissatisfaction in the marriage is a good reason to hire a divorce lawyer in Long Island, NY. In Ross and Carol’s case, she was a lesbian. Her new preference resulted in dissatisfaction, especially when it came to intimacy. Without sexual fulfillment, she had grounds for divorce.

Emily: He Said the Wrong Name

“Second marriage, said the wrong name, a little my fault.”

Legally, Emily had no reason to file for a divorce. Even after Ross said Rachel’s name when they exchanged vows, she still said “I do”. Ross and Emily were the married couple who acted otherwise; she left him to go to England despite still being his wife. Despite their attempts at reconciliation, Emily realizes she couldn’t trust Ross (especially with Rachel) and ends their marriage.

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Marriages without trust will never work. When a spouse always doubts the other, expect high conflict arguments. While the couple could’ve fixed their relationship, the lack of resolution was enough to kill their wedding vows.

Rachel: Married in Vegas

“Third marriage…they really shouldn’t allow you to get married when drunk. Nevada’s fault.”

After a drunken stupor in Vegas, Ross and Rachel wake up married. Since Rachel refused to be his wife when they were sober again, they decide to annul the marriage. Legally, you can file for annulment if your marriage is not valid or defective. Lack of consent counts, which includes you being drunk. You must prove that your marriage wasn’t valid in the first place. In Ross and Rachel’s case, it wasn’t.

The situations Ross Geller found himself in over the ten seasons of “Friends” shows the different colors of divorce. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

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